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On the weekend I got the chance to photograph the enthusiasts that make the Nelson Trolley Derby possible, in a one-off opportunity. A new stretch of highway has been under construction west of Nelson for quite some time now. One particular stretch look to be perfect for a trolley derby: 45 m vertical over 740 m, with a good run out. It required some courage, the thought of gravel burns from unswept new seal was not pleasant. This will give you the general idea of the course:

Let’s have a look at some of the racers.

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For the past four years in Christchurch I have missed this annual event, when the upper reaches of a popular city street are taken over by racers.  The residents are happy to be shut in for a day while the street is closed off.  This year 79 trolleys and 90 drivers took part, the fastest reaching speeds of almost 70 km/hr.  Serious stuff!

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