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I’ve just returned from a brief visit to Christchurch, to the Pain Management Unit at Burwood Hospital where I receive treatment every few months.  This time, one of the regular patients was missing.  Let’s call her Anne.  She and I used to chat, stuck next to each for 3 hours or so.  We have quite a lot in common and were interested in each other’s progress.   Our conversations were a highlight for me and I’ll miss them. Anne rang me last week to warn me of her no-show, with an explanation.  After several painful years on the waiting list she had at last been fitted with a spinal chord stimulator.  The operation had taken place just a few days earlier.  What’s a spinal chord stimulator?  See my earlier post.  (If  you don’t want to follow those links: it’s an electronic device a bit like a pacemaker which stops pain signals…

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