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The other day we drove over to our favourite vineyard,  Neudorf at Upper Moutere, to pick up our mailing list order in person.  The place was packed, we hadn’t realised that a concert was scheduled for that afternoon.  Judy Finn, one of the owners, said ‘hi’ as she bustled in and out of the winery shop and we had a brief chat with her husband Tim (no relation to NZ’s famous musician) as we were carrying the wine back to our car.  The encounters were yet another reminder of just how nice it is to be back home in Nelson, after the anonymity of a big city. It was great to see that the Finns hadn’t changed a bit.  They still have a wonderful knack of making you feel that you are doing them a big favour by visiting their vineyard. Their modesty is despite their ongoing successes!  For example:…

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