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The other night the usual Wednesday night yacht racing coincided with a big SW wind. I fancied my chances of catching some good action shots, so took up a position where I had a good view, about 100m along the road from our house. Well I wasn’t disappointed. Here is one of the shots, but there was much more to come:


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Yesterday I walked down to a building which has been a landmark in Nelson since it was built, but especially after a giant mural was painted on its wall in 1984.  Chris Finlayson, the original artist, plus 28 volunteers have been restoring the mural over the past weeks.Aotearoa 1

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Recently there was a letter to the editor of the local paper complaining about the harsh attitude of the management of our airport. It was from the mother of a couple of teenagers who had parked in a place reserved for airport staff. The letter sparked a flurry of responses from the general public, enough to fill half page of the weekend edition. Opinions were divided: many agreed that the airport manager was cruel and inhumane, while others felt that people needed to take responsibility for their own actions. But the whole saga reminded me of a time when a more relaxed attitude would surface (and, I suspect, there was less pressure on parking spaces). At the very beginning of 93, I received a call from the airport manager asking if I knew the whereabouts of X.  Yes, X was a scientist on our staff. Well, X had left their…

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Graeme Robertson’s stories, not just about  photography but also Nelson and New Zealand events, often with a science flavour.  It’s a companion site to an online gallery of NZ pictures covering New Zealand landscapes, birds and marine life, as well as sports and events (including some great motorcycle speedway images).