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Tonight’s paper has a story of a fisherman who caught a big-eye tuna yesterday while fishing off the Boulder Bank here in Nelson.  A magnificent fish and an extremely rare catch in these parts.  People commented on all the action right now: lots of small fish, kahawai and even kingfish.  I can quite believe it, because look at this action from this morning.

At around 9 am I was alerted by the sound of water splashing, like a washing machine.  It was a shoal of small fish being attacked from above and below, directly below us.  I watched for a while, fascinated, then remembered to get my camera.  I think I must have been quite excited, because these are not as sharp as they should have been.  Here’s what I saw:

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A couple of weeks ago the local Nelson Camera Club hosted visitors from other clubs from the West Coast to Marlborough.  There was an early morning field trip, to Nelson’s Boulder Bank and the Lighthouse:

Nelson Boulder Bank

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The Pohutukawa tree is New Zealand’s Christmas tree, due to the colour of its spectacular flowers.

Pohutukawa flower

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