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A recent camera club competition had the theme “photojournalism”.  I entered this image, taken on my very first visit to Moore Park.


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A little way out of Christchurch at West Melton is the Ronnie Moore Speedway Park, a track for motorcycles only. The club is run by volunteers, which makes for a tremendous camaraderie and spirit. There are no lights, so the meetings are held in the afternoons or early evenings. No massive fences and railings, just a low wooden rail. All of this is great news for a photographer, so I’ve got some wonderful action shots here over the past four years.  But first some pictures about the club itself.
The park is named after speedway great Ronnie Moore, world champion in 1954 and again in 1959 and a Canterbury man still.

Ronnie Moore, speedway World Champion

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When I finally plucked up courage to photograph the riders rather than the track action at the Ronnie Moore Speedway Park, I got some great images. I used the “boredom” technique: if you hang around long enough eventually people forget that you are there.  Here’s one example, of Anthony’s dad working on his son’s machine. So the gap remains.

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