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Today I’m off on road trip, to spend a few weeks on my own in the North Island. So you can expect a change from the South Island scenery in recent posts. I’ll be visiting family, old friends from my days in the pulp and paper industry as well as taking photographs. Mostly on my own behalf, but also for an assignment from a local lifestyle magazine.

I’ll begin with the journey over to Picton and the ferry crossing to Wellington. As I was packing last night, I thought of a story told by a German friend with a rather cruel sense of humour.  He keeps himself amused by guiding groups of visitors from his homeland on their New Zealand tour.  While it’s usually good fun (he doesn’t need the money), apparently sometimes it can get tedious. After facing a lot of inane questions from one particular group, he decided he had finally had enough. They were travelling south from the North Island on the Interislander, about to arrive at the Picton terminal.

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