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I spent last weekend at Nelson’s Trafalgar Centre, photographing a gymnastics competition.  Tiring, demanding conditions for photography, but great fun.  You can find all the photographs on my gallery site here


Here are some local competitors.  First Hannah Bloomfield


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I spent the weekend covering a gymnastics event here in Nelson, the annual ‘Top of the South’ competition.  Bit of a misnomer, really, because we had competitors from all over:  Wellington, Timaru, Invercargill, even as far away as Perth.  It was a great learning experience for me.  Here are some examples, followed by some comments on the event and its challenges for a photographer.

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Shortly before I left my job at Lincoln Ventures, one of my staff told me that she and her family would be coming up to Nelson in July for a gymnastics competition. I jumped at the chance to photograph a new sport, even if it would mean getting up very early on a Sunday morning. It turned out to be quite a challenge: only competitors, officials and the accredited photographer were allowed on the floor. All the rest of us were up in the gallery seats.  The light was not good at all, so there was no hope of sharp action photographs.  I would have to choose my moments carefully to make the most of a slow shutter speed. Luckily, I found two very helpful assistants in a couple of senior grade contestants from Wellington. These 11 year-old girls were able to advise me about the routines: which moves were…

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