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My reason for the trip south (which gave the images in the last two posts) was to attend a photographic convention in Dunedin.  This was great.  I have a low tolerance for lousy, long-winded speakers.  But the three presentations at this meeting were a real treat.  For me the highlight was an inspiring talk by Jane Trotter, on abstract photography.  She explained how she produced her beautiful images, in camera and all of them taken indoors in her own home. You can find some of her images here, and here.  I’ll come back to the other speakers later.

The main attraction for me was a field trip, where locals were to take us on a tour of the Otago Peninsular, showing off their favourite places.  For example, this windy beach on the southern coast of the peninsular (here) :

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The Moeraki Boulders must be one of the most photographed features on the New Zealand coastline.  My son, when he learned that we were heading that way, challenged me to produce an image that wasn’t a cliche.  Not easy.  I started early one morning with this attempt:

Moeraki Boulders

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On a trip to Dunedin we stopped over at Shag Point for a few days.  Less than an hour north of Dunedin, this is a wonderful spot.  Scenery, wildlife, history, geology – Shag Point has it all.

Each morning I managed to get out well before sunrise.  The results were worth the effort:

Shag Point

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