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As well as all the action up above, there was plenty to look at on the ground.  Lots of “Living History”: people dressing up in uniforms; re-enactments of battles; ancient tanks and vehicles trundling around; plus lots of loud bangs.  Let’s begin with one of the bangs:

ground battle

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I see it’s been three weeks since my last post. I’ve actually been very busy, including taking lots of photographs. Most of these however have been paid commissions and the images belong to the client. But I hope to remedy that over the next couple of weeks.

This weekend saw a big event in Marlborough: the “Classic Fighters” air show at the Omaka airfield. On one level one might wonder at the sight of adults playing with extremely expensive toys, or dressing up in uniforms and playing soldiers. But I went over on Saturday and thoroughly enjoyed it.

I’ll start with the stars of the show: the aircraft themselves. There’s a wonderful collection of First World War aircraft, including the classic Fokker Dr.I triplane.

Fokker triplane

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