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I had been looking forward to an event at Lake Rotoiti which began last Saturday afternoon, the annual Antique and Classic Boat Show.  The weather forecast wasn’t good, so around mid-morning I looked up the Lake Rotoiti WebCam. It looked as if it was pouring down, you could hardly see the water. Then I realised that was the picture a couple of hours earlier. As I fast forwarded I saw a miraculous change. About half an hour earlier the rain had stopped and the skies cleared. The view was pretty much the same as the sight that met me when I arrived shortly after lunch:

Lake Rotoiti

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A complete change from the noise and thunder of the recent powerboat weekend at Lake Rotoiti, the Antique and Classic Boat Show attracted a different demographic altogether.    Nelson turned on a beautiful day, bringing out the best of a beautiful setting.  Centre stage had been taken over by the aristocracy, the “Royal Kerr Bay Motor Boat Club” (but there was loads of room for the commoners).

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