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I got a recipe book for Christmas! It’s called “Go fish” by Al Brown.  The blurb describes Al as a “veritable colossus of seafood cookery”.  He is co-owner of a top Wellington restaurant and presenter of an award-winning TV show. I had never heard of him (which says something about my interest in food).

I think there were several reasons for the gift.  Now that I have retired from full-time employment as a CEO and my wife is the breadwinner in the family, I am expected to cook.  That’s something I’ve managed to avoid doing much of since my student days, so it’s proving to be quite a learning curve.  I’m a very keen fisherman (and we are lucky in Nelson, we can buy a tremendous range and the quality is superb). So most of the time I cook fish.  I interpreted the gift as an indication that a slight increase in variety of my meals would be greatly appreciated.

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