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Today is the start of four days of celebrations “When Country Comes to Town”.  Formerly known as the Canterbury A&P (agricultural and pastoral) Show, it has been held every year since 1862.  I’m sorry to be missing it this year, it is a lot of fun for photographers too! I deliberately missed an opportunity for a great photograph of this pair.  Father and daughter were crouched down beside a pen containing freshly shorn sheep. I could have put three heads with almost identical hairstyles (or woolstyles) into the same frame.  Problem was, there was a good chance of getting thumped if the largest  of the three took offence!  I whimped out and settled for this rear view. The wood chopping and sawing events are a great crowd pleaser, especially when the field includes a few world champions.  Age appears to be no limit to competition: skill and experience can often…

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