Graeme Robertson’s stories, not just about  photography but also Nelson and New Zealand events, often with a science flavour.  It’s a companion site to an online gallery of NZ pictures covering New Zealand landscapes, birds and marine life, as well as sports and events (including some great motorcycle speedway images).

A couple of weeks ago, my wife woke me up just before seven when she returned from her run, simply buzzing! She had been running along the Nelson waterfront when she heard a huffing and puffing sound.  She looked around and saw a couple of dolphins swimming towards the sea wall.  But these dolphins got larger and larger as they approached the surface and their dorsal fins got higher and higher! It was an adult orca accompanied by a youngster. Suddenly there was a huge commotion, a massive flurry in the water and next thing a very large stingray leapt out of the water, crashing into the sea wall not far from where she was standing. It looked up at her but must have decided that she presented a much smaller risk so stayed there, remaining close to the sea wall, caressing it with one fin.  It very carefully and…

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