More gymnastics shots

More gymnastics shots

It’s been a while since I posted anything here, but I’ve been spurred on by some great images from the recent 3-day “Top of the South” gymnastics competition here in Nelson.  You can find all of the images on my gallery website, under the menu heading ‘TOTS2017.

Just to get your attention, here’s a nice (and quite anonymous) shot from the senior women’s floor exercise:


The junior boys need some help to get up to the rings, which are very high indeed for these little guys.  They know what to do, but at that age it’s a real strain.  I captured quite a few rather thoughtful expressions up there.

It’s supposed to look effortless, which is a big ask:

I was using a different camera this year, a Nikon D3S.  It’s autofocus was definitely an improvement over my beloved D700, as was its low light performance.  That, along with new lighting in the rebuilt Trafalgar Stadium, resulted in a higher percentage of ‘keepers’ this year.  Here’s one:

For the uneven bars, however, I still resorted to manual focus to get some good shots:

Finally, a couple more to whet your appetite:


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