Rotoiti powerboats

Rotoiti powerboats

No posts for more than a month – I’ve been busy!  But here are some images from the annual powerboat racing held up at the Nelson Lakes.  I went up on the Saturday, probably not the best day.  The weather was quite gloomy with a threat of rain (welcome after a long hot spell, but not good for action photography).

The 20+ year old “The Boss” was still looking good, but blew an engine shortly after these next photos were taken:



Here’s another taken during yet another ‘hot lap’, with a replacement engine fitted.


A couple of shots of the next GP boat, ‘with and without’:



The next one (‘Lucas Oil’?)was looking good too, until it stopped very suddenly way out in the middle of the lake:



Finally, the last of the big GP boats, ‘Annihilator’:


These boats begin looking more like a submarine, frightening any small children in the vicinity as they roar into life.


I had to leave before 4pm, so did not actually get to see any of the GP boats racing.  By that stage there appeared to be only two left running.  The second day would have had better weather, I suspect.  I wonder how the repairs went?


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