Nelson Street Races 2016

Nelson Street Races 2016

Bit of a washout this year.  We had rain forecast for the whole day and some did come, enough to make life difficult.  I was very cautious about moving around the track, because last year we had to wait for more than an hour between track crossings.  I wasn’t confident they’d be any better organised this year, so stuck to one spot on the outside of the track.

The first shot I took, from a Formula 2 race, shows the conditions pretty well:


Some were more adventurous than others


while Shannon Mako from Christchurch obviously though the gardens needed weeding


Local rider Jonny Lewis was looking good on his Aprilia


until he came in a bit hot and watched the rest of that race from the stands:

wpid5929-Nelson_street_races-104.jpg wpid5931-Nelson_street_races-105.jpg wpid5933-Nelson_street_races-106.jpg



Josh Coppins was here again for the Super Motos


Riding styles vary so much in this class, this next guy was a classic:


But now I’m sad to say that my camera had enough of the wet weather and stopped working.  I wasn’t too bothered, it’s very hard to get good shots when everyone is forced to ride so carefully.  Maybe next year will be better.

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