Flock Hill Lodge

Flock Hill Lodge

I spent a night at Flock Hill recently, aiming to get some nice images from that beautiful area.  The weather was clear and very cold, winter seemed to have come early.  I slept in the shearers’ quarters, shown here:



I usually have a double plug in my bag, but not this time.  That was a pity.  As I sleep with a CPAP machine, I had to chose between that or the heater.  Luckily there were two heavy duvets, so I kept warm as the outside temperature dropped to -4 C.


Before dinner I wandered around the property, enjoying the evening light.  The entrance is decorated with old farm machinery.



A truck went past, raising dust which added to this image of the poplars lining the entrance driveway:


The road to the west, towards Cass and Arthur’s Pass, spreads out into a huge, wide vista.  I’m sure others have captured better light, but I still enjoyed being there.


Flock Hill Station has retained the old homestead, allowing it to come to its natural end, in its own good time.  I thought it looked better in B&W



BTW – why is it called Flock Hill?  Because from a distance, the limestone outcrops on a nearby hill look just like flocks of sheep.  Here’s that hill, from Mt Cheeseman skifield taken the next morning:


So a brief but very enjoyable stay.  Warm, friendly hosts, good food and interesting surroundings.  I hope I get back there before too long!

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