A morning at Lewis Pass

A morning at Lewis Pass

Before travelling on to Christchurch, I ventured out early from our motel at Lewis Pass to get some photos.  The valley heading up towards Maruia Springs was looking beautiful in the cold morning light:


and it was indeed quite cold for April, -2 C.  Whisps of mist were rising from the beech forest


There was some snow at the top of the pass, but the road was clear.



After breakfast back at the motel, we set off for Christchurch.  On the other side, where the recent weather had come from, there was quite a bit more snow.  That made the Lewis River look even more attractive than usual.  Here’s where we stopped for a moment:



Even a scruffy little creek coming down to it looked great



From here the drive to Christchurch was as usual: good roads and great scenery.  But we had things to do, so no more photo stops that day.


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