Wild weather in Nelson

Wild weather in Nelson

We got some much needed rain the other day, perhaps a little more than we wanted, accompanied by strong winds.  Rocks Road was closed when I drove home from town (although I was let through when I promised to go straight home).  After lunch the rain had cleared, so  I wandered down to see what the waves were like.

There was still quite a lot of debris on the road and footpath, even though the road sweeper truck had been working hard.  The very high tide was ebbing and Rocks Road had been opened again, but cars were still getting the occasional dowsing.


Waves reflected off the sea wall make some interesting formations:


The view north showed nothing but blue skies and we had a beautiful afternoon and evening.


The next morning however it was more wind and rain.  A couple of expert kite surfers decided to play around the harbour entrance.



They were well in control and, after a few circumnavigations of that south mole, went zooming off back to Tahunanui beach.  I’m always impressed by how relaxed they look amongst some quite big waves:





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