An Evening at Tahunanui beach

An Evening at Tahunanui beach

The latest clubnight for the Nelson Camera Club was held down at the beach at Tahunanui.  Half an hour before we were due to meet, the outlook was not good:  it was raining right across Tasman Bay.  Shortly after everyone arrived (well, the hardy ones), the weather cleared from the south.  The rain moved over behind the city, leaving this view of Nelson’s Port Hills.


We were then treated to a giant double rainbow.  I had only a telephoto lens, so didn’t capture much of it.


The other end was even more impressive.  A careful choice of viewpoint brought it right down on top of a ‘beach sculpture’:


We eventually had clear skies to the south and rainclouds to the northeast.  This gave a beautiful sunset, but in the opposite direction from what we usually see.  It wasn’t just the sky that was worth looking at, the low tide gave us some great reflections too:



The skies lit up over the city.  Just compare this next shot with that first one of the Port Hills, taken less than one hour earlier.


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