Cruise ship season

Cruise ship season

We don’t get many cruise ships coming to Nelson, but there has been a couple of attractive ones recently.  First the Europa:



She was in for about 8 hours before heading off to Picton.  The skies were full of helicopters heading off to Abel Tasman park and selected galleries.


The next one, a couple of weeks later, was the L’Austral, also for only about 12 hours or so.  I missed her entrance and only just caught her departure:


I liked this next shot, showing the tourist heading off, a returning keeler, and a boat moored for a peaceful night in the hook of the Boulder Bank.


PS sorry about the watermark.  The images are a bit larger with this new layout and I’ve had trouble with people nicking them recently (not that a watermark will stop someone who is determined).  Comments welcomed.

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