Classic cars – radiator caps

Classic cars – radiator caps

Some more from the trips to the WoW Classic Car Museum, this time concentrating on another small detail.  The images have been spiced up a little (see below).  First the 1917 Locomobile Speedster :

classic cars--6

Next the 1911 Model T Ford

classic cars-

(I just love the brasswork in these vehicles!)

A rare Metallurgique:

classic cars--3

Now for some silver.  First the 1908 Humber:

classic cars--5

and, getting into the ’20s, the 1922 Hupmobile:

classic cars--4

The last of the real oldies, the 1924 Alvis Boattail Speedster:

classic cars--2

Moving right along, the 1936 Pierce Arrow:

classic cars--7

and finally, from the late ’50s, the Jaguar XJ150S

classic cars--8

Well, it’s not really a radiator cap, I know.

The treatment here was generated from a new package, “Perfect Photo Suite“.  I recently used it very successfully to re-size an image (up to 1100 x 700 mm).  A landscape of the Rakaia River, it was printed on Hahnemuhle fine art paper and looked stunning.  You could see every stone and weed.

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