Top of the South Gymnastics 2013

Top of the South Gymnastics 2013

I spent last weekend at Nelson’s Trafalgar Centre, photographing a gymnastics competition.  Tiring, demanding conditions for photography, but great fun.  You can find all the photographs on my gallery site here

Here are some local competitors.  First Hannah Bloomfield


Then Sam FuAllen:


and the last of the photos donated for use in the Nelson Mail, young Nina Usui:


The local paper had no photographers there, a sign of the hard times that news photographers are experiencing right now.  They seem to be relying on the public to provide stuff for free.  On Monday I spoke with a sports photographer who has done a lot of work for the Nelson Mail in the past, but no longer.  It’s not viable for him.

These three shots appeared in Tuesday night’s paper.  I was happy enough to provide them, not because I wanted to see my name in the paper, but because the Nelson Gymnastics club really needs the exposure.  They have a great sport which gets very little media attention.


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