Classic cars Part 1

Classic cars Part 1

The Nelson Camera Club organised a field trip to the local World of Wearable Arts / Classic Cars museum.  Here is the first chapter from that visit: the faces of just a few of the cars in that collection:

Classic Cars-6476

That one didn’t need any caption.  The 1911 Renault was more stylish, as one would expect:

Classic Cars-6495

a few more …

Classic Cars-6541


Classic Cars-6540


Classic Cars-6571

Classic Cars-6569

Classic Cars-6567



Classic Cars-6499


Of course, the V16 Cadillac beat them all for chromium content

Classic Cars-6564

Getting a little closer to the present day, this MG TC was colorful:

Classic Cars-6560


While the next one is included because I once owned (and even rolled) the model before this one:

Classic Cars-6559

The Volvo P1800 looks better from the side than from the front

Classic Cars-6557


Next chapters: radiator caps, lights & horns




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