Masked Parade 2012

Masked Parade 2012

The annual Masked Parade signals the beginning of the Nelson Arts Festival.  This year the event was bigger than ever, with lots of creativity on display.

Nayland College had made several large creatures:

This one, which had scary eyes that rolled, stretched the definition of ‘mask’.  Here’s a look underneath:

Yet another Nayland creature:

Kids en masse had a nice effect:

One school had a ‘Candyman’ theme:


Some masks were quite light and delicate


and of course, the tall people were out in numbers:


(I mentioned to a portly security guy that the Nelson City Council had decided that all security personnel would be wearing stilts next year –  it gave a much better view.  They were to be offered two weeks training in walking and chasing people while wearing stilts.  He got the joke.)


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