Warbirds over Wanaka Part 3 – aerobatics

Warbirds over Wanaka Part 3 – aerobatics

We were lucky that the weather was fantastic.  This made the aerobatic displays even better.  To get your attention I’ll start with a picture from the end of the RNZAF “Red Checkers” display, their ‘Starburst’:

Red Checkers

While other countries use powerful, state-of-the-art  jets for their premium aerobatic teams, NZ saves a lot of money and fuel by using old CT-4E Airtrainers.  They still look good.

Red Checkers

I couldm’t really do justice to the MX2, a high performance aerobatic machine.  It seemed to drop gently out of control in its ‘Falling Leaf’ routine:

It certainly did provide some nice pictures.

The trusty old Harvards were there:

Due to the unavailability of their usual Hercules, the RNZAF skydivers dropped down from an ancient DC3 (a plane which the commentator said they prefer – the slower speed makes for an easier exit).

 They then set about forming a stack (being careful not to allow their smoke generators to burn through the control cords of their neighbour):

Whereupon they just hooned around, it seemed.  Some were obviously heavier smokers than others.

A display from the modern miltary trainer, the Beechcraft T-6C Texan II was accompanied by a very professional commentary explaining its virtues.  Trouble was, the pitch was aimed at the air force top brass, not us.  As we no longer have any fighters, its hard to imagine we would need fighter trainers.  But it was nice of them to show up.  Here it is (it could do aerobatics too):


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