Reefton Rodeo

Reefton Rodeo

We were lucky that the annual rodeo was held on the weekend of our camera club field trip to Reefton.  A family occasion, the rodeo had good access for spectators and plenty of action.  For example, the bull riding:


I loved this shirt (Ikamatua is a very small village about 30km south of Reefton, with a population of under 200)

There were bucking broncos, of course:

For the kids, there were sheep to ride:

A boy standing next to me, he looked about 7 or 8, gave me a running commentary on the bull riding.  “That one was pretty antsi (?)” he said at one stage. “Those Angus – Friesian crosses can be like that”.  I consluted him refquently on the finer points of the rodeo.

For the equestrian types there was barrel racing:

Earlier that morning, I came across this group heading for the rodeo (they explained there was a competition for the best fancy dress).

They found the arena rather hard going (as did Darth Vader):





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