Reefton ancient monuments

Reefton ancient monuments

The trip to Reefton involved a visit to some of its ancient monuments.  A yard full of machinery: trucks, cars, tractors, logging equipment, you name it.  Here’s an example: what was once a Thames Trader truck, now slowly being transformed into a work of art.

 The owner, a local identity, was especially proud of his Land Rover.

He had replaced the original engine with a much more fuel efficient Isuzu. The interior, however, had seen better days:

He had a wonderful collection of BMC 1800s, with various badges: Austin, Morris, Wolesley, BMC.  You can read about this large successor to the Mini in Wikipedia here.

These were also slowly transforming into artworks:

On its own, sitting proudly on another property, was one more Thames Trader:

This one was bought from Coyles in Hokitika

I spent several hours talking with the owner, a very colourful character indeed.  Logging contractor, jet boat skipper, deer hunter, inventor – he’d covered a lot of ground. If he’d been wearing a shirt, I could have included a photo of the interior of his shed.  It looked like something from a history book.



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