Kiwi Flyer

Kiwi Flyer

The annual Nelson Trolley Derby is to be made into a movie.

(That photo is from real life, not the movie.  I didn’t think it was fair to post the machines specially created for the movie.)  Anyway, the crew has been filming around Nelson during the past few weeks and on Sunday the location was Collingwood Street.

There was a real mayor, complete with mayoral chain,  ready to present the winner’s cup:

I watched a scene being shot, the finish of the final race.  Here the pilot climbs into his trolley:

and after a whole lot of rehearsals etc, (and without the trolley once moving from its spot) the jubilant winner is hoisted high:

I won’t say whether this was the local hero or the nasty Australian rich kid, you’ll have to see the movie.  People had a lot of fun, locals had the chance to see how films are made, and the extras seemed to really enjoy themselves.  Nelson’s weather turned it on too, a warm day despite the snow on the surrounding hills.

I came across two young girls amongst the onlookers, on very high stilts.  They were good, totally confident.  I think they could even have played basketball with them on.

high stiltshigh stilts

(girls – email me if you would like some better copies)






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