Offroaders in Nelson

Offroaders in Nelson

A few weeks ago there was an event for offroaders at the Richmond Showgrounds.  Unfortunately the weather was terrible.  It rather cramped my style, I wasn’t willing to get my camera too wet. But that didn’t dampen the spirits of the real enthusiasts.

Someone should tell this next guy  his car could do with a clean:

At least that previous driver had a windscreen.  In one of these C Class vehicles, it’s best to be the leader:

Mind you, that wasn’t easy.  The start line gave such poor traction that everything seemed to happen in slow motion.  He just sat there for a while, while spectators ducked for cover.

The corners were not much better:

I think this next shot demonstrates the term “understeer”:

Even though it’s not immediately obvious what is happening here, I did like this shot.  The menfolk are busy scraping the mud off the truck while their womenfolk look on.

There was a jump on the course but, instead of flying high (as I saw down in Christchurch), it was so slippery that the vehicles struggled to even get over it.

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