The Apple Shed – the return of some old friends

The Apple Shed – the return of some old friends

Last weekend we went over to Mapua.  For years (decades even) lunch at the Smokehouse Cafe was a great treat. When we first started going the location was fantastic but the food and service was rubbish.  Then Tom and Viv Fox took over and it was transformed into a Nelson icon.   After one or two changes of ownership it closed down last year.  Now Tom and Viv are back.  Same location, a few internal changes and new branding.  Here’s the view from your table:

The Apple Shed

The cafe is perched on the Mapua wharf, which in years gone by was an important transport link. Apples were stored here and then transported by small coastal boats to Nelson and beyond.

For quite a few years this rail was the favourite perch of a white heron, nicknamed “Hamish”.  He would move up to the roof if you wanted one of these outside tables.

Viv wouldn’t stand still long enough for me to get her photo (rather, a photo that she would be happy for me to publish).  I did catch Tom though:

The Apple Shed

Visitors to Mapua often tend to arrive in some exotic transport, whether it’s in a classic car:


Or on fewer wheels:

These girls will probably need to freshen up a little before dining:


Hi My name is Eva I work at the apple shed and as well I am Tom and Viv’s granddaughter this is a lovely page about the apple shed. =) +

Just wanted to commend your staff on their exemplary service. The meal was fantastic and it really is an amazing spot to dine. Thanks for creating a lovely memory of a great holiday.

Have eaten there a few of times recently, consistent, delicious, very high standard, lemon risotto with turbot, divine.

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