Some wild spring weather

Some wild spring weather

Some wild spring weather yesterday.  My wife was driving over to Blenheim and found the road under 30-40 cm water in several places.  In the worst affected stretches, cars travelled in convoys, in one lane sticking closely to the centre of the road.  She felt a little nervous, as the gentle stream which normally runs alongside the road at Rai Valley was a raging torrent.  She was sure she would have been in deep trouble, even drowned, if she had driven off the road.  She said the whole region looked like Fiordland, with very heavy rain cutting visibility right down, and water streaming of the surrounding hills in great cascades.

I wish I had taken her up on her invitation to travel with her.  There would have been some impressive photos!

The heavy weather continued in the north. There was a freak accident on the commuter train line north of Wellington yesterday.  A slip derailed one train, fortunately without toppling the carriages so injuries were minor.  But another train on the south-bound line was apparently so close that it could not stop in time and collided with the first train.  Luck was on their side again and it was only a glancing collision, no casualties.  But the lines are still closed today, so there will be a lot of people struggling to get to work.

Blue skies in Nelson today though.

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