Grandma the Clown

Grandma the Clown

Last week I called in on the World Buskers Festival in Christchurch.  Here’s one of the acts that impressed me: very simple physical comedy,  performed extremely well, with great timing.  Barry Lubin is the creator of this character.

Of course, like all good clowns, the kids in the audience loved him.

He was really gentle with them, persuading them to go up on the stage and do stuff. Here’s a small example. Grandma showed us how good he was at catching popcorn (not very).

This little guy had been jumping up and down shouting “choose me, choose me”.  His job, as it turned out, was not to eat the popcorn but rather serve as a dinner table from which Grandma could eat (using a rather impressive tongue).

Unfortunately, at her first attempt Grandma missed, licking the dinner table instead.  This produced the “yukk” reaction shown here (accompanied by loud vocals):

The kid got over it though, did some more stuff with Grandma and finally was released back to a proud mum.

More buskers soon…..

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