Mt Aspiring

Mt Aspiring

Radio New Zealand is currently running a series covering Simon Morton’s attempt to climb Mt Aspiring (Tititea). We are following it with interest as my son accompanied the team as a second guide. He works as a professional guide for the internationally respected guiding company  Adventure Consultants.  At the time he had a client cancel and this was a good chance to keep up his fitness (!). You can listen to the first episode here (do a search on the Radio NZ  site for ‘Aspiring’ and you’ll find the remainder).

Mt Aspiring (photographer: Tim Robertson)

He has been busy, summiting Mt Cook in the week before Christmas and had another trip starting several days ago. So we haven’t seen him over the Christmas period.

He takes a small digital camera with him on his climbs. The purchase criteria were very specific: the camera must have an optical viewfinder (often too bright to see a screen); use conventional batteries (long periods with no electricity for a charger); and be capable of one-hand operation (for obvious reasons). Modern cameras enable him to get some stunning photographs!

Aoraki Mt Cook (photographer Tim Robertson)

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