I’m Not Harry Jenson

I’m Not Harry Jenson

My enterprising nephew is now a movie director.  James Napier Robertson has written and directed the movie “I’m not Harry Jenson“. In spite of its unbelievably low budget ($NZ175,000), the result was good enough to be selected for the New Zealand International Film Festival in Auckland.  Reviews of the premiere were favourable, and the movie is about to be shown in the Rialto chain of cinemas throughout New Zealand.

James has come up with an innovative way to promote the movie. In his words: “We don’t have a lot of money, and can’t compete with the advertising blockbusters of the world. But we figured we’ll do everything we can, and get creative on it! This link will lead you to something we’re doing in an attempt to spread the word.” His aim is to break the world record for a credit roll (the longest one in history is currently held by “Lord of the Rings”). I assume this will be for the DVD – theatre audiences start to get restless when the credits take more than an hour to roll!

Facebook members can join the movement right now, even if it may be a few months before the movie is shown in your country!

James has twin brothers who are almost twenty years younger.  Imagine the points they scored at school when they could explain that their big brother was the Red Ranger in Disney’s series “Power Rangers”!  On one occasion they even managed to turn up at school in genuine Ranger costumes.

James’ father has a special interest in the movie, as one of the backers.  I recall a funny story during filming.  Dad drove out to the set, some distance outside Auckland and well off the beaten track.  When he started his car to return home, his recently purchased GPS unit jumped to life with some very helpful advice: “First, please try to find a road”.

So good luck to James and his team – may the movie become a blockbuster!

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