A curious bunch of flowers

A curious bunch of flowers

Last week there was a post about the wood sculptor known as T.A.G. – Theodore Arnold Gustafson.  This week I want to tell you about our luck in managing to purchase one of his works.

We had been dithering for ages.  We often saw his work in various galleries, including the Suter Art Gallery.  As this doubled as a picture theatre, we had plenty of opportunity to study his pieces.  He made a series of small wall clocks, for example, all in his zany, humorous style. We would see something we liked, but it would be gone when we next got around to visiting the gallery in daylight hours.

Then one day we heard on the radio of his early death.  What a sad loss!  We had seen a large display of his work in a gallery in Golden Bay not long before, so drove over to Takaka.  Everything had been placed on hold to await decisions by his family, naturally enough.  However, we were invited to place our names against any items that we wished to purchase, in case these later became available.

Almost half a year later we received a letter from the gallery advising us that we were top of the list for an item my wife had selected.  It has the title “A curious bunch of flowers” and it is very curious indeed.  I think you will agree (and some find it quite silly).  We love it!

"A curious bunch of flowers" by T.A.G.

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