Momma’s bubba?

Momma’s bubba?

When I finally plucked up courage to photograph the riders rather than the track action at the Ronnie Moore Speedway Park, I got some great images. I used the “boredom” technique: if you hang around long enough eventually people forget that you are there.  Here’s one example, of Anthony’s dad working on his son’s machine.

Pit action

While working on this image, I noticed that there was space for one more tattoo, on his left shoulder.  “Can I have a bit of fun with Photoshop?” I wondered.  His partner suggested a large heart with the words “Momma’s bubba” in a banner across it.  This seemed a great idea at the time, but then I remembered that he is every bit as tough as he looks.

Here is some evidence for that statement:

Sidecar action
Anthony's dad in action

So the gap remains.

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