A (quiet) day in the life of Christchurch

A (quiet) day in the life of Christchurch

I bought a local paper when I travelled to Christchurch the other day.   I was struck by the content of the front page that day: almost 2/3 was taken up with two major stories. One was about a nine-year-old girls’s disappointment, the other about Cadbury changing the recipe for one of their sweets!

Rose had auditioned with a talent agency for fashion and modelling work. Eventually her parents came to the conclusion that the agency was a scam and cancelled their cheque. So no money was lost, but Rose was very disappointed.  Still, she would have been pleased with such a nice picture of herself on the front page.

The second story was about a despicable act by sweet maker Cadbury.  In response to complaints over the years that the Kiwi classic “minties” were too hard, the manufacturers have changed the recipe to make them slightly softer. This was apparently achieved by raising the moisture content slightly.  Apparently, a key attribute of the old minties was the ability to survive for long periods kicking around in the baking hot glovebox of a car. When produced, they had a wonderful ability to silence noisy children.  Anyway, the traditionalists were not amused and the howls of protests made the front page.

I guess this says quite a lot about New Zealand, at least the South Island.  Sometimes not a great deal happens, which is a positive for some (myself included) but which others find pretty boring.

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